Bronx-Living: Peppino’s Pizza

There’s a corner in the Bronx, active with bus and train commuters walking to and fro on their way home or to work or to local shopping, where you’ll find quick, hot and delicious pizza. That corner is
White Plains Road and 241st Street.

We found Peppino’s Pizza quite by necessity. We spend a lot of time “on the road” visiting Real Estate offices, Attorneys and Accountants making old-fashioned sales calls to create relationships for referrals to our rapidly-growing mortgage business. (At PHS, we don’t telemarket people at home while they’re trying to eat dinner or help the kids with the homework; we have more respect for the consumers than that: we get our business mostly from referrals)

When you’re out and about, shuttling from one sales call to another, there comes that time in the afternoon when you realize you actually have to sit down for five minutes and eat something (else you might keel over from hunger!). One of those five minute stops landed us at the corner of White Plains Road and 241st Street (there are several real estate offices in the immediate vicinity). We walked into
Peppino’s Pizza in search of a quick and easy lunch. I’m certain that as we walked in we were all engaged in serious conversation about our sales opportunities so far that day and one or several of us were talking on cellphones, or texting or checking emails on BlackBerries. In short, we were pretty danged busy and focused on work, not food.

All that intense concentration came to a rapid end once we sat down with one of the HUGE pizza slices hot and fresh out of the oven (and I do mean fresh, these guys are turning over fresh pies every few minutes thanks to all the foot traffic on this very busy corner in the Bronx!). WOW! We all looked at each other, put our cellphones and BlackBerries down on the table and immersed ourselves in the best pizza we’d all had in a long time! And again I say, “WOW!”

Yes, we went back up to the counter for seconds (some of us had thirds, too!). The service is quick, courteous (but not overly friendly: these guys are too danged busy to have the time to talk to you about your kid’s graduation with honors from high school!), and very efficient. Usually there are three guys back behind the counter: one pulling the fresh pies out of the oven, the fellow in the middles slinging slices onto paper plates for hungry customers, and the cleanup batter zipping back and forth to bring sodas and fruit drinks to set down beside that hot fresh slice of pizza. What a team! (Oh, this is the Bronx where another TEAM has it’s home, another group of World Champions!)

Peppino’s today. Whatever it is you’re doing in the neighborhood, get yourself over there for a great slice of pizza. If you’re not in the neighborhood—let’s say you’re in Suffolk County right now—then hop in your car, set your Tom-Tom to that street corner (the zip code is 10470) and make the drive. You’ll be glad you did. You may not want to leave right away as you’ll probably pop back and forth to the counter for second and third slices.

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