A SPECIAL DAY: 11-11-11 Veterans Day

The buzz in the news today is that, since 11-11-11 only happens ONCE in a century, today is a special day altogether. And it’s Veterans Day.


Take a moment and say to a Veteran you know, “Thank YOU for your service to our great nation!” It’s simple to do and doesn’t require any more elaboration. Saying “Thank You” is enough. Believe me, Veterans appreciate when someone takes those few seconds to say a simple “Thank You.”

There are many Veterans who have performed extraordinary feats in the service of our nation: they were and are the living recipients of the highest honor our nation can bestow: The Congressional Medal of Honor. The CMOH website is HERE.


Many of the recipients of the CMOH lost their lives in the action that earned them the respect and gratitude of a nation. But many recipients survived as Veterans.

Here are some Medal of Honor statistics:
Total Recipients: 3,458
Living Recipients: 85
Double Recipients: 19
Most Recent:

Dakota Meyer is a living recipient of the CMOH and a Veteran. President Obama presented the Medal of Honor to Sgt. Dakota L. Meyer on September 15, 2011. “His unwavering courage and steadfast devotion to his U.S. and Afghan comrades in the face of almost certain death reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.”

Another recent, and living Veteran presented with the Medal of Honor is Staff Sergeant Leroy Petry. When you read his citation you can’t be anything but moved by the bravery of this young American. Here is an excerpt:

Still under enemy fire, and wounded in both legs, Staff Sergeant Petry led the other Ranger to cover. He then reported the situation and engaged the enemy with a hand grenade, providing suppression as another Ranger moved to his position. The enemy quickly responded by maneuvering closer and throwing grenades. The first grenade explosion knocked his two fellow Rangers to the ground and wounded both with shrapnel. A second grenade then landed only a few feet away from them. Instantly realizing the danger, Staff Sergeant Petry, unhesitatingly and with complete disregard for his safety, deliberately and selflessly moved forward, picked up the grenade, and in an effort to clear the immediate threat, threw the grenade away from his fellow Rangers. As he was releasing the grenade it detonated, amputating his right hand at the wrist and further injuring him with multiple shrapnel wounds. Although picking up and throwing the live grenade grievously wounded Staff Sergeant Petry, his gallant act undeniably saved his fellow Rangers from being severely wounded or killed.

Take a moment to read the citations for these and other CMOH recipients, both living and dead. After you do, you’ll realize the extent to which these brave Americans have gone to preserve our American way of life.

You’ll be inspired to say, “Thank YOU,” to a Veteran.


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