The Empire State: Home of Gay Pride

From the Stonewall Riots of 1969 to the historic vote in Albany in 2011, 42 years of history supports Gay Rights in The Empire State!  Last night New York State became the sixth and largest state to support Gay Rights by legalizing Gay Marriage.

We here at PowerHouse Solutions are proud of our New York State Assembly and Senate and Governor for doing the right thing! 

As a Mortgage Lender we are committed to providing easy access to mortgage financing to Gay Domestic Partners, and now, to Gay Married Couples.  Our entire PHS Family is empathetic to the specific hurdles that Gay families face when attempting to obtain mortgage financing for a home purchase or refinance.  We have long provided a Gay-Friendly atmosphere to help our clients realize their dreams of  homeownership.  That’s why we are so proud to be licensed by the great State of New York as a Mortgage Lender so that we can join in this historic moment and celebration that is so important to so many of our friends and clients!

New York State, The Empire State and home of Gay Pride!

Gay Pride Empire State

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  1. Emily says:


    You folks have never been in the business of telling people what their families should be like, isn’t that right? You’re focused on what their homeownership goals are, and how that fits with their qualifications.

    Mr. Curran may remember our last closing together involved a non-traditional family unit of another kind, but that never came up as a discussion subject, only their savings and debt-to-income ratios and the appraised value of the subject property.

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