Happy Clients! Maylene is a First Time Homebuyer

We here at PowerHouse Solutions were proud to stand by our client Maylene yesterday as she closed on the purchase of her first home in our office in Great Neck. Maylene was a true dream to work with in providing our PowerHouse Solutions Underwriting team with all the documents they requested in “light speed” fashion!

As often happens with our clients, we work TOO FAST! Maylene’s FHA Insured Mortgage loan with 3.5% Down payment was approved and ready to close in 3 weeks. Then we joined Maylene and her attorney in sitting around waiting for the Seller of the home to tell us he was ready to close; we all felt the Seller’s delays were rather absurd (NOTE: PHS Blogger being KIND.)

Still and all, everything was wrapped up in six weeks. We don’t understand here at PowerHouse Solutions why everyone else seems to have such difficulty with other mortgage lenders getting their loans approved and closed in a reasonable time frame. We’re all hearing the horror stories of working with other lenders—the delays, the mistakes, the constant requests for documents (daily), the months that pass waiting for a loan approval. We don’t have those problems here at PHS.

Well, we’re just going to keep on doing what we do at PowerHouse Solutions: We help First Time Homebuyers like Maylene achieve their dreams of Homeownership!

Here’s  a lovely email we received from Maylene literally while this blog entry was being prepared. So, here,  in her own words,  is Maylene:

“Hello All,

I just wanted to take a moment out this morning and say THANK YOU again for making my process in buying my 1st home one to be remembered. It was my pleasure working with all of you. You made me feel very comfortable and secure in knowing you had my best interest at hand. We did go through some frustrating times, but I would not choose another team to go through them with!

Thank you for all of your professionalism

Congratulations Maylene on buying your home!

Congratulations Maylene on buying your home!

! AGAIN, WE all made a great team and I would do it all over again with each of you, representing me! Happy Friday!

Best Regards,


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